Services and Rates

Architectural Concepts & Interiors provides a wide range of services, including remodeling and addition concepts, as well as kitchen and bath designs with drawings, elevations, and a perspective view. Consultation for paint colors, lighting, window treatments, furniture specifications, wall coverings, faux finishes, and flooring are available with an option to purchase.

Healing Homes

 Personal shopping for home decoration can be provided with local vendors. Healing Homes specializes in utilizing the client's existing furnishings and artifacts to enhance the individual's personal Feng Shui. The rates provided below are for planning purposes.  Please contact Marta to see which services best fit your needs:


Architectural Concepts & Interiors


Initial half-hour on site consultation Free  


Space layout and construction plans, including floor plans, elevations, and perspective drawings.

                                                              $ 75.00 per hour

Selection of Interior Furnishings including furniture, window coverings, shades and blinds, paint selection, lighting fixtures, cabinetry, flooring and tile                             

                                                             $ 50.00 per hour


Procurement of Interior Furnishings  cost plus percentage basis


Healing Homes


Consultation for Interior Design, Remodeling, and Staging



                                                                 $ 100.00 per hour


Feng Shui Consultation and Energy Clearing  $ 125.00  per hour


Personalized Internet Shopping Service           $ 50.00 per hour


Furnishings Full Day Shopping Service          $ 350.00 per day


Available out of town area clients for Interior Design Feng Shui                                                             

                                                             $ 200.00 ninety min