Before & After

The flow of this kitchen was blocked by the placement of the island.  The way the island was turned, along with new recessed lighting, brighter cabinets, and stainless steel appliances brought a more focused energy into the space.

The two-level island with TV and exposed shelves was a major energy block in this kitchen.  A level work space and closed doors helped improve the flow immensely.  New appliances finished the balance.

The dining room wall was taken down and replaced with a bar to create an openness to the new family room.  The glass fronted crystal cabinets which allow everyday drinkware to increase the energy of the space.

Outdated appliances and finishes were depleting the energy of this kitchen.  Opening up the wall into the living area increased not only the open feel of the house but the positive energy flow.

Plain white cabinetry made this kitchen cold rather than crisp.  A bolder cabinet design and new window treatments warmed the space up considerably.

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